The event is open to young people aged 16-27 from all over Europe and Israel. It is possible to participate alone or in a small group. The working language is English at everyday level.

Organisational issues

Arrival day is on November 9, the departure will be on November 12. Check-In starts at 4pm, check-out will be at 1 pm. We provide three nights in a shared room including breakfast, lunch and dinner. We reimburse the travel costs for arrival and departure after sending in the original receipts. You can find the detailed rules for coverage of costs in the conditions of participation (AGB).
The conference will partly take place on class days. If you need a recommendation for exemption, please contact us.

Registration is open between August 27 - September 17, 2018. We have a limited contingent of 65 participants. If more people register than there are places available, we reserve the right to make a selection that ensures the best possible balance in terms of regional distribution, participation context, gender etc.

Registration was completed on September 17, 2018. Thank you for the numerous applications!