Saturday, 11:00 AM - 04:00 PM, Fireplace Hall

Despite many years of efforts, girls and women are affected by discrimination in everyday life. Access to basic human rights, such as education, political participation, medical care or adequate salaries, is made difficult or denied. In Europe, we are currently dealing with changes in the legislation on dealing with abortions, the closure of maternity units in hospitals and the debate on sexual violence in private and professional life. This workshop focuses on women's rights in public life and gives you the opportunity to share your own everyday experiences and discuss strategies.

Please note: Womens law is relevant to people of all gender. Nevertheless, this specific workshop is open to women and girls only to create a safe space for exchange and experience. If you are new to the concept of safe spaces in working with diverse groups as a strategy of empowerment and comfort, we will be happy to explain it to you and also why we labled this workshop following this concept.



As a trainer for civic education, Laura has faced already various topics concerning human rights, counter hate speech, feminism, gender discrimination and diversity. During her master thesis in European Studies, she researched together with women living in exile about women’s rights within the European law. She is part of the editor collective for a voluntarily organized Journal about social and political science.