Tuesday, 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM (CET), Auditorium

I want to invite you to a little journey through queer history. First I want to talk about the main terms of the LGBTIQ (Lesbian,Gay,Bi,Trans,Inter,Queer) community and discuss these questions: what is difference between gender identity and sexual orientation? What does queer means? Where does this term come from? Then we are going to take a look through queer history and the different fights of queer people now and then. Here we are also going to talk about the politics on LGBTIQ in different countries and are going to reflect on the possibilites how young activist can take action towards discrimination of queer people.


Lou Herbst

Lou is a queer, non binary, white activist and trainer in political education. They studied International Development in Vienna, Austria and founded together with other activists their own collective on critical education (quix-kollektiv). Mainly their focus is on queer topics, critical whiteness and the intersection on different forms of discrimination. They work as a trainer and consultant in the field of anti-discrimination, organizational development and radical education.