Tuesday, 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM (CET), Garden Room

Together we will explore the concept of inclusion in Europe. We will talk about your personal experiences and reflect on how inclusive the contexts are in which you move in your everyday life. You will also learn about European directives and laws on inclusion and concrete recommendations for action. The workshop is based on exchange and (self-)reflection with a small amount of input. Anne and NiNa will be available to answer your questions and share their experiences as a disabled person and as an ally.


Anne Gersdorff

Anne is engaged to inclusion and diversity esp. on the areas of education and work. She empowers other people with disabilities and advises institutions and companies how they can support inclusion. She lives in Berlin and is an employee for 8 personal assistants who enable her to lead an independent and self-determined life.

NiNa Reichert

NiNa is committed to explore issues of social justice from perspectives of unlearning and self-reflection. She is based in Berlin, Germany, and has worked as personal assistant for Anne and in contexts of global educational partnerships, antidiscrimination and empowerment with different organisations and as a freelancer.