Tuesday, 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM (CET), Balcony Room

People in different countries are becoming more and more sensitive towards the realities of social minorities as they continue to strive for equality and equity. There’s been a lot of talking (which is good and necessary!) but once we’re faced with a situation of oppression, discrimination or even violence against minorities we shouldn’t wait for the next talk show to take place and take matter in our hands - and become allies to stand with social minorities. What does it mean to be an ally? What can we do to support emancipatory fights on different levels? Does that work universally or where do we face hurdles? And: How can I make sure that as an ally, things revolve around the topics that matter at the certain time?


Fabian Schrader

Fabian (pronoun: he/his), is part of the collective „stuhlkreis_revolte“ since its founding in 2014. The collective works towards a people orientated education to invoke societal change. If Fabian is not facilitating discussions and workshops, he is a passionate theatre educator for kids and children, an aspiring podcaster and passionate for LGBTIQA+ rights - in solidarity and shining bright like a diamond.

Friederike Frank

Friederike (pronoun: she) is part of the collective “stuhlkreis_revolte” since its founding in summer 2014. The collective works towards a people oriented education to empower societal change. With a background in social work and disability studies plus eight years of freelancing as a facilitator Friederike is excited to connect with you and talk about allyship and sharing privilege. For more visit www.stuhlkreisrevolte.de