Sunday, 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM, Beech Room

The Blog workshop is a continuous workshop (Friday to Sunday) for people interested in journalism. The aim is to produce content to capture voices and moods from the whole event and thus fill a blog. You will take part in the regular programme but from an special perspective. It is not limited to writing, but you can also create audio and multimedia stories. You will receive tips for journalistic writing, blogging and multimedia work.

Suitable for beginners.


Sebastian Stachorra

Sebastian is in his master studies (Economics and Philosophy). He wrote for the magazine „politikorange“ published by the German Youth Press as well as for a local newspaper and other clients. Also, he is a radio host at the student radio in Münster („Radio Q“) for which he produces a podcast, too.

Ann-Marlen Hoolt

Ann-Marlen is 22 years old and a postgraduate student of political sciences. She gained first journalism experiences working for a local newspaper and the university’s radio station, where she eventually became editor in chief. She is now working as a producer of podcasts for online magazine ‘Perspective Daily’ and as a freelance author for radio magazine ‘Himmel und Erde’.