Wednesday, 07:15 PM - 08:00 PM (CET), Auditorium

Welcome to the Conflict Café! Whenever people interact, there is always a good chance for quarrels. Naturally, we are having diverging interests and disagreements with other people. Often, we intend to discuss them peacefully. Suddenly, the situation gets emotionally heated and we end up in a conflict. And once we are there, it can be challenging to return to mutual acceptance and maybe even productive discussion.

The Conflict Café offers space for constructive conflict. Whether you need space to dispute something with someone, whether you want to understand your own reactions in conflict, or learn something about conflict transformation - come in any time!


Dr. Imke Hansen

Dr. Imke Hansen is a researcher of Eastern European contemporary History with a focus on experiences of violence and trauma. She has been a faculty member with the Hugo Valentin Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Uppsala University, the NordOst Institut and the History Department at Hamburg University. She has collaborated in several international Oral History projects, among them the Mauthausen Survivors Research Project and the Slave and Forced Labour Documentation Project. She is working at Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights e.V.