Monday, 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM, European Parliament at Europe House/Berlin

Photocredit: Michael Jungbluth

  • 12:45 Lunch Catering
  • 13:30 Official Greeting Ms. Wold / European Parliament at Europe House
  • 13:40 Speech Alexander Kauschanski
  • 13:55 Farewell by Roman Fröhlich and Judith Blum
  • 14:10 Group photo in front of Brandenburg Gate and Transition to inhouse exhibition
  • 14:30 Baggage claim on the coach


Alexander Kauschanski

Alexander Kauschanski was the German Youth Delegate to the United Nations in 2015. There, he advocated the inclusion of youth in politics by making the voices of his German peers heard in the political world. He gave speeches in the General Assembly, negotiated resolutions and held events. Currently, Alexander pursues a degree in political science. Alexander was born in Ukraine, grew up in Germany has lived in Peru, the USA and France. As a citizen of the world he believes in the power of solidarity in an international and tightly connected civil society.

Dr. rer. pol. Roman Fröhlich

Roman Fröhlich (Pedagogical Director of the wannseeFORUM Foundation) has been active in child and youth education for many years. He studied sociology and scientific politics and wrote his doctoral thesis on forced labour for concentration camp prisoners during National Socialism. The results of his research influence his educational work. The mediation and preoccupation with human rights plays a central role here to ensure that according to Theodor W. Adorno "Auschwitz is not to be repeated."

Judith Blum

Judith Blum is team leader at the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" (EVZ). She is particularly committed to human rights education in youth exchanges. With her team she coordinates two funding programmes of the Foundation EVZ for international youth exchange. One is EUROPEANS FOR PEACE and the other is MEET UP! German - Ukrainian youth encounters! Judith grew up in East Germany and she experienced that change is possible. Judith believes that it is a basic need of all of us to be accepted and respected.