From resource exploitation and atrocious and unfair working conditions, to climate change and pollution fast fashion has a harmful cost. Through theatre excercises and “body-territory” mapping we will uncover the “fast fashion trend” (which has come to stay) on how garments are made, what are the conditions of these jobs performed especially in the Global South for bodies in the Global North and what happens when we dare to remove the strings of shopping as a hobby, this will also be a space for reclaiming more sustainable products and its supply chains and provide with tools to raise awareness to people around us.


Jessica Valdez

Jessica Valdez is body literacy and political educator. Her drive on knowing "how are things made" took her to the field of industrial engineering this fused with her passion for history and biology made her explore how fair and sustainable are the production processes we know today. Jessica is creative, critical and tremendously dynamic. She has curated multi-sensory events and created workshops around the supply chain of a plethora of products and processes in the textile sector where participants have the chance to have a grasp on them, simulate and rethink them.