For Movement_Activism, the body’s participation in everyday life, social systems, and how we know ourselves is the point of departure to practice embodied presence and attuned empathy. What new stories do you want to tell about your body, identities, and experiences? What is a body?
We’ll explore our bodies archive with somatic practices of yoga, improvisation and contact improvisation. The focus will be the play with body weight, gravity, as well as falling and consensual touching. It also allows space to breath, to be with ourselves and other bodies in space and aims to create a deep practice of listening. This is fun, sometimes challenging, may seem gentle or acrobatic, and above all, leaves a lot of room for creativity and spontaneity!


Diana Thielen

Diana Thielen is a dance artist/performer/blogger and teacher. She teaches Axis Syllabus, as well as practices in dance, performance, body politics and yoga. Her work includes interdisciplinary perspectives that relate to her interest in queer theory, intersectional feminism, postcolonial studies, as well as pondering and exploring private realities as a queer woman. ​As a teacher, she sees strength in her genuine wish to support each individual’s journey. Each persons experiences, as well as curiosities, vulnerabilities and lust to move are part of a safe learning atmosphere.

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