Stories are everything. They shape and define our reality.
That’s because our brains are wired, not just to hear, see and understand stories, but to FEEL them. That’s why they are so effective at informing opinion, because they literally change minds.
So if you want to have an impact, want to be remembered, to even be considered, you need a good story. And that’s just what we’ll do. We’ll work with pure story techniques to gain clarity of idea, precision in communication, and maximum engagement in delivery for the most effective outcome for your pitches and presentations.


James William Harrup

James William Harrup is a strategic story consultant for brands, businesses and individuals. He has spent the last 20 years working as a designer, illustrator, writer, director and publisher, or as he likes to call it - storyteller, for big name, global corporations and small independent creators. In this time he has developed powerful techniques to help everyone from startups, entrepreneurs, creatives and activists to find their Pure Story and share it with the world. James believes stories are important. He believes they can change the world.