Sport is often seen as a motor for development, tolerance and respect – as a universally understood language which brings people together. Major sporting events are often experienced as a source of euphoria for people all over the world. But not everyone has reasons to celebrate: notably human rights violations have drastically increased around major sporting events and their venues. Together we approach this topic with the creation of a human rights dossier, which will include the following topics: human rights, equality and universality of human rights and human rights violations. In a game we will deal with the discourse about and the different perspectives on sport and human rights. Finally, we will look at various resistance movements.



Juliana is a master student within the field of sociology and peace and conflict studies. She works in the field of political education work and already has organized various workshops and seminars. Her research fields are urban sociology, migration and frontiers as well as gender studies. Preferably she likes to do sports rather than just watching it.

Amanda Luna

Amanda Luna, is an indigenous Quechua-Huánuco from Peru, climate activist and human rights defender for indigenous peoples and territory. She studied Medicine and Gesundheitsmanagement and currently supports projects involved with climate defense, cultural and integration of migrants as well as of ancestral ethnic groups such as (Quechuas, Aymaras, Maxineri, Guaraníes in Latin America as Roma - Gitanos in Europe).