Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. Human trafficking is a crime that violates several human rights. Today, it affects every continent and therefore also us as Europeans. It is a billion-dollar cross-border crime that affects children and women in particular. Sexual exploitation, exploitation of minors and forced labour are three core businesses of traffickers. They exploit the predicaments of their victims and lure them into countries such as Germany by pretending to make false promises.

We start the Fishbowl with a scenic presentation of a monologue from a current play and then talk to you and our guests about the legal basis, control and monitoring mechanisms of state authorities and get an insight into the practice of a Berlin counselling centre.


Natascha Anahita Nassir-Shahnian (Host)

Natascha Anahita Nassir-Shahnian is a political scientist and works as a consultant for diversity development at the Cultural Education Project Fund of Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH. She considers herself a decolonial feminist and has several years of experience in the self-organization of People of Color in Berlin as well as in political education with a focus on power criticism (lobbyism, racism, sexism, intersectionality) and empowerment.

Helga Gayer

Helga Gayer is a member of the Council of Europe Expert-Group GRETA (Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings) which is composed of 15 members with different professional back-ground, who are elected for a four year term. GRETAs task is to evaluate the implementation of the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Beings by the Parties (States which signed the convention) through a monitoring procedure. In her professional life she works with the German Federal Criminal Police (BKA), since 2006 she active in the field action against trafficking in human beings.

Tamara Badikyan

Migration and human rights are the two fascinating topics in Tamara Badikyan professional life. After graduating from her master studies in migration and intercultural relation in 2014, for the last five years she has been working as a counsellor for migrants and refugees in Berlin in different frameworks. Since September this year she is responsible for the project coordination at Ban Ying, a coordination and counseling center against trafficking in human beings.

Sara-Hiruth Zewde

Sara-Hiruth Zewde studied at ETI and Schauspielschule Berlin. She has worked for different stages and festivals in Berlin. 2010 Sara-Hiruth Zewde was awarded the George Tabor Ensemble Prize. Many themes of her previous work have dealt with migration and the African continent. As a speaker she presented the work of various authors incl. Fatou Diome and Ken Bogul to a German audience. As a member of the ensemble of the Stage for Human Rights she is performing the play "Mediterranean Monologues" and can currently be seen in Grada Kilomba's film installation "A World of Illusions".
Credit: Stefan Kl├╝ter