Credit: Georg Slickers / CC BY-SA 3.0,

We follow the traces that flight, migration and consumption have left behind in the middle of the city. We learn about flight and migration in the post-war period, look for factories of chocolate and tobacco as witnesses of historical connections and enter places marked by migrants fighting for their own stay. In doing so, we raise questions: Why do people leave their homeland and take on the risk of costly and life-threatening ways? What are motives for migration and flight? Small paths in Kreuzberg show the big connections: A tour as a search for explanations.

Starting Point: Oranienplatz


grenzgänger e.V.

grenzgänger e.V., a german organisation, wants to inform especially young people, but also other social age groups about migration, flight and development. In our events we offer the time for the (re)discovery of one's own urban space, the space of exchange through discussion and we make perspective changes possible. By interactive methods and impulses opinions are reflected and prejudices are questioned. This enables the participants to actively discuss the topic of migration. In this way we contribute to an open society in which postmigrant coexistence has long been a reality.