The Saying "The eyes are the mirrors to the soul" is quite common, but eyes aren't the only mirrors to the soul by now.

Sometimes it's enough to listen to someone's favourite tracks to understand what happens depp in his or her soul. That's why sharing favourite songs is important – and we did share our favourites on thursday evening while getting acquainted. Imagine the big crowd forming a circle, standing one next to another in alphabetical order (being guided by the names of the songs) and then telling one after another tehe name of these special, deeply personal tracks.
Since (almost) each of us chose a different song, that was a pure definition of diversity. Each name was greeted by smiles, applaus or even loud cheers. That's exactly how we should treat each other's inner world.
To get acquainted with each of us, to know, what a great and diverse team we are, you can now listen to this Spotify playlist which includes (y)our favourite songs. Thanks for sharing!

Author: Alexandra