We have gathered at the wannseeFORUM to engage in a conference about "modern slavery". Since we all come from different places, have made different experiences and might have differen knowledge, our perspectives on the subject differ.
We wondered: What are the expectations you brought to Berlin?

Evelyn // 27 years old // Romania

I am very happy to be here and to be accepted for the sevond time. This is the last year I could participate because next year I will be too old. But I would even pay to be here, because the workshops are so interesting. I am a youth worker at home in Bukarest. A lot of the people I work with are refugees and sometimes they have made experiences with human trafficking. Through the experiences I make at the conference I hope to be able to help them even better.

Domna // 23 years // Greece

I am the personal assistant to Spyros but I also wanted to come here myself. I want to learn about human rights – because of my job als a social worker, but also for me personally. It is interesting to talk about these topics with young people from all of europe. I fell like there are many problems with human rights that we are not aware of and this even can help notice them.

Nurselin // 21 years // Germany

I'd like to learn what I can do to avoid human slavery, especially when it comes to children. Also, I'm exicted to hear perspectives people from other countries have. That's important, because we as the young generation are the future.

Sahar // 19 years old // Israel

I expect this weekend to be difficult and hard, because the subjects are heavy. I've heard about slavery in school, but it is different being here and hearing the perspectives of other participants. I'm exicted about that and eager to learn from the speakers and try to expand my knowledge in the subject. As a world Citizen it is important to talk about human rights, slavery - everything that is about humanity - so that we can create a better world.

Xenia // 20 years old // Germany, Kenia

I am Kenian-German. I have experienced racism before. But knowing that and that my ancestors are africans doesn't really mean that I know everything about african history and slavery. Even today I have learned so much and I am really looking forward to experience different perspectives.