More than 60 people from more than 15 countries – so many, that we did not fit into the zoom-sceen!
That's how we started into this years' EUROPEANS FOR PEACE-conference Same? Different? Equal! - Celebrate Diversity!.

And to get to know each other, we used Mentimeter.

Interestingly, tea seems to be more popuar than coffee...

What are the concepts and ideas we think of when we hear the word "diversity"?

Well, this was just before Dr. Emilia Roig gave her keynote on intersecitonality. Afterwards we gatheres our words of the day – and it seems that Dr. Roig left quite an impression on many on us.

All that was just the first day of our conference. What do we wish for upcoming days?

Well, it seemed that many of us had a great time yesterday – at least quite a few of us felt "inspired". Let's make sure we continue to inspire each other :)