Impressions: Sunday

10 Nov 2019 | Sunday. The last day of our conference. We hope you had a great time! Ralph Pache took some amazing pictures. read more

Project Pitching (2): Your Pitches

10 Nov 2019 | At the last day of the conference all of the participants were able to pitch their project and ask for monetary funding. These are your project-idas. Ellen pitched her idea for an anti-slavery photo-camp. For five days about 20 people can learn about non-violent communication. They ... read more

Survey: What will you take home from the conference

10 Nov 2019 | Which experiences impacted you the most? What did you learn that you didn't know about before? What are you going to think about even after you are back in your home country? On the last conference day we asked for your impressions. Shahzaib // 23 // Pakistan Before ... read more

Literature on (modern) slavery

10 Nov 2019 | Reading books is a great way of deepen your knowledge. We asked you to share literature that fits the topic of modern slavery. You came up with quite some ideas. So, for those who you who want to dig deeper into modern slavery, here is ... read more

Saturday: Impressions

10 Nov 2019 | Time's passing incredibly fast! Saturay allready has passed. Let's take some seconds to look at some pictures of that day – taken by Ralph Pache. Please, if you took some amazing pictures yourself, we'd be happy to share them on the blog. Contact Ann-Marlen and/or Se... read more

Project Pitching (1): Tell a story!

09 Nov 2019 | Stories > information. We remember a good story in great detail, but we have a hard time remember hard facts that we don't have an emotion connection to. So: how to create a really good story (fast)? The professional story consultant James William Harrup gave ... read more

Numbers – number 3 is going to shock you!

09 Nov 2019 | For those of you who cannot get enough of number, facts & statistics: this posting is for you. We searched through our pile of data and found some stuff you might find interesting. Without further ado, here are some cake charts – enjoy! Authors: Ann-Marlen & Se... read more

Your favourite Songs

08 Nov 2019 | The Saying "The eyes are the mirrors to the soul" is quite common, but eyes aren't the only mirrors to the soul by now. Sometimes it's enough to listen to someone's favourite tracks to understand what happens depp in his or her soul. ... read more

Survey: Expectations for the conference

08 Nov 2019 | We have gathered at the wannseeFORUM to engage in a conference about "modern slavery". Since we all come from different places, have made different experiences and might have differen knowledge, our perspectives on the subject differ. We wondered: What are the expectations you ... read more