Declaration of Human Rights

11 Nov 2018 | This year, we celebrate 70 years of Human Rights. December 10, 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. At the weekend, participants of the conference read the declaration. You can listen to the audio file. The Declaration of Human Rights, read by ... read more

Workshop-Impressions: Mobile Reporting

11 Nov 2018 | "What is happiness for you?" As we have learned happiness can be chasing the sun, finding your special place or just having fun with friends. We can easily convey that feeling of happiness using only a few words. But instead we chose to ... read more

Sunday in pictures

11 Nov 2018 | This was sunday: Here are some impressions of the second day of our EUROPEANS FOR PEACE conference. Pictures taken by Ralph Pache. read more

Video: The Wannsee Conference

11 Nov 2018 | One of Saturday's workshops visited the Wannsee Conference, an Old building close to the Wannseeforum. Blog-Reporter Alina covers the Wannsee Conference's history. The Wannsee Conference from wannseeFORUM on Vimeo. Produced by: Alina The house where the Wannsee Conference took place looks just like every other ... read more


11 Nov 2018 | Sunday afternoon, you were asked to give feedback. What was good, what can be improved? We decided to only provide you with three pictures from the feedback-session. If you'd like to add something, please contact us :) read more

Women's Rights are Human Rights.

11 Nov 2018 | Art. 1: "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." This article from the declaration of Human Rights implies equality for people of all genders. What seems easy in theory still needs to be achieved. Zuzka reflects on the workshop &... read more

Survey: What community are you part of?

11 Nov 2018 | ... and what does it mean to you? Nowadays, social media seems to increasingly replace in-person socialising for young people. If this is true, then we are having a harder time finding and taking part in communities. Since the presence of a community in an individual’s ... read more

Discussion: Asylum and Migration

11 Nov 2018 | Amongst the Human Rights declared by the United Nations are the Freedom of Movement (article 13) and the Right to Asylum (article 14). To reflect on the topics of Flight, Asylum and Migrationt the conference participants gatherd for a fishbowl-discussion. A fishbowl-discussion? Yes, your read correctly. During ... read more

Why are you participating in the conference?

10 Nov 2018 | Young people from twelve countries are participating in the EUROPEANS FOR PEACE conference at the wannseeFORUM in Berlin. We have asked some of them, why they have decicded to come here and learn about Human Rights. Evelyn, 26 years old, from Romania "In Romania I ... read more