Human trafficking is taking action to exploit a volunerable person through violence, deception and the general use of power.
The person using the power takes profit.

We use legislation, police and NGOs
We tell their story
We meet them
We guide
We create
a safe place
500 victims every year in Germany
Just the ones who register
Must be more
More domestic workers
More prostitutes
More laborers
More people looking
For shelter
For justice
It intersects
All the many kinds of discrimination intersect together
Build the mall of shame.

Social media is recruiting people for exploitation
Sometimes it warns
Sometimes parents call to inform
Sometimes parents call to sell
Sometimes parents don't know they are a victim
Don't know their rights.

All it takes is to open a window.
Art opens a window for something that can't be written or said.
Compassion opens little windows.
When the victims see themselves as victims they open a window.

What about other places?
Well, we don't need to look that far, there's enough exploitation here.
Don't solve the problem,
Just listen.
Ask the question-
One question too many might help.
Information is empowerment.

You know, when it's cheap, it just means that someone else is paying the price.
There aren't any free gifts.

When you learn- you have to act.
I am angry.
It can't be true.
But it is.

Poem by all of the participants in the Fishbowl Discussion.
(Composition by Ma'ayan)
Drawing by Ronja.