Project Design – Zlata offers you creative support

11 Nov 2019 | You worked hard on your project ideas. Zlata offers to create designs for your marketing. Hi guys! All of you had incredible project ideas so I am happy to offer you my help as a marketing designer. I'm up to create a logo/poster/banner ... read more

The photos speak for themselves.

11 Nov 2019 | I knew about forced labor in Germany during the War. But visiting the Nazi Forced Labor Documentury Center opned both my mind and heart even deeper to that topic. When I applied for the excursion "Nazi Forced Labor", I did it mostly because ... read more

Human trafficking poetic harvesting

11 Nov 2019 | Human trafficking is taking action to exploit a volunerable person through violence, deception and the general use of power. The person using the power takes profit. We use legislation, police and NGOs We tell their story We meet them We guide We create a safe ... read more

Who made my backpack?

11 Nov 2019 | We all like to dress fashionable. We all follow the newest trends. But our style choices are responsible for forces labor and child labor. Because of fast fashion cheap labor and children labor is used, global climate and human rights are affected. Do you know ... read more

Films on (modern) slavery

11 Nov 2019 | We experience movies on different levels: through our sense of seeing and hearing we are easily catched emotionally. (Remember what James told us about storytelling? Anchoring a story to an emotion is key!) In this spirit, we asked you to share movies about (modern) slavery. ... read more

Survey: What will you take home from the conference

10 Nov 2019 | Which experiences impacted you the most? What did you learn that you didn't know about before? What are you going to think about even after you are back in your home country? On the last conference day we asked for your impressions. Shahzaib // 23 // Pakistan Before ... read more

Spyros' Video-Blog

10 Nov 2019 | Spyros told us that he will make a video of our conference. Or, to put it in his words: "I will be under your nose. I will be filming you when you notice – and also if you do not notice me filming." So, he... read more

The #yfp19 Playlist / On the Topic of Slavery

10 Nov 2019 | All these songs touch the subject of slavery, both past and contemporary. When listening to the playlist you can reflect on the conference topic. And maybe the songs will inspire you to become more active against modern slavery. read more

Saturday: Impressions

10 Nov 2019 | Time's passing incredibly fast! Saturay allready has passed. Let's take some seconds to look at some pictures of that day – taken by Ralph Pache. Please, if you took some amazing pictures yourself, we'd be happy to share them on the blog. Contact Ann-Marlen and/or Se... read more