Video Documentation

03 Dec 2018 | It has just been three weeks since we all said goodbye to each other, but in order that the memories will not fade away in the coming months and years, we have had this short video with impressions of the Youth Conference made. Enjoy! read more

Interviews with participants and speakers

02 Dec 2018 | Here you'll find eight short interviews with some of the participants and speakers of the youth conference. They are commenting on human rights regarding their personal life and/or in context of their professional and volunteer work. read more

Picture Gallery

28 Nov 2018 | Our dear photographer Ralph Pache took amazing pictures of the whole event and we want to share this with you. We are really in love with this visual memories. Enjoy the slide show by clicking on the picture left or right or follow the headline ... read more

Speech Alexander Kauschanski

26 Nov 2018 | Speech Closing Ceremony Alexander Kauschanski German Youth Delegate to the United Nations 2015 "It’s an honor for me to be speaking to you as future and present advocates for human rights. You might be wondering who I am. My name is Alexander Kauschanski. I a ... read more

We stand up for Human Rights

12 Nov 2018 | The conference now is over. This is our group picture, that's us - right here, right now – standing up for Human Rights! Photographer: Ralph Pache Also, here are some facts about the conference: There have been 60 participant... ... out of 12 countries ... ... that are between 16 and 26 years ol... read more

Songs for Human Rights

12 Nov 2018 | Music inspires and can help overcome cultural differences. People who sing together will not fight each other. All these songs fit the topic of Human Rights. Play them loud and play them proud! :) Feel free to contact us, if you'd like to add a song ... read more

Human Rights: what to read and watch

12 Nov 2018 | After a conference full of new ideas and impression you might want to expore the topic of Human Rights even further. Don't worry, you can! We have collected your suggestions on Human Right's in the media. Books about Human Rights The Hate U Give - ... read more

Video: team members talking about the conference

12 Nov 2018 | The EUROPEAN FOR PEACE youth conference now comes to its end. It has been three days of getting to know each other, workshops, discussions and so much more. But how do you organize such a conference? What do you need to take into account, what ... read more

Interview with Keynote Speaker Daphne Büllesbach

12 Nov 2018 | The keynote speaker for our conference Right here, right now! Human rights! is Daphne Büllerbach, executive director of European Alternatives. Her keynote focused on the link between democracy and human rights, the necessity of protest, the role of law and the paradox of tolerance. D... read more

Equality for all? – Human Rights in Europe

12 Nov 2018 | Human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights – these values are embedded in the EU treaties. The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is a clear and strong statement of EU citizens rights. Even though Europe stands for equality – are ther... read more