A slave is a disenfranchised person who is held against her*his will, abducted, abused, and economically exploited. Of course, that is something we all remember from history class in school. But are we aware that there is a new global, consumer-based way that people are being oppressed, and that each of us is involved in it?

Article 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights explicitly declares the prohibition of slavery and forced labor. Furthermore, in 2005 the Council of Europe released a Convention on Action against Human Trafficking, which is highly intertwined with the topic of slavery. These legal statements make slavery officially illegal, but there are still numerous people worldwide living under conditions where they are being forced to work, facing threats and violence against them or their families. These people are mainly refugees, migrants, or women and children working in or for industrialized countries for the profit and wealth of the free market. Most of them remain invisible for us, or we are not aware of the excesses involved, but there seem to be so-called modern slaves.

The EUROPEANS FOR PEACE youth conference will focus on this human rights violation, providing an overview not only of the history of slavery and our colonial backpack but also of the current global situation. We will tell the stories of perpetrators and victims, but also of uprisings, resistance, and self-empowerment – stories of those we must not forget. Our aim is to figure out how our daily decisions about food, clothes, and digital devices have an impact on forced labor, to discuss our responsibility as active European and global citizens, and to develop strategies for sustainable action.

An exciting programme of meeting people, networking, debating and developing your own project ideas is waiting for you! With workshops and discussions held by experts who champion human rights and searching for concepts for a society where everyone is treated fairly and equally.

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